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Algorius Net Viewer - is a powerful and convenient tool for visualizing, managing, and monitoring of home and corporate
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5 March 2012

Editor's review

The corporate computer network today has become a minefield with numerous kinds of machines, peripherals and even shared resources all hooking up to the same network backbone. Given the variety of systems, it becomes critical for a network administrator to use a real time networking monitoring tool and Algorius Net Viewer 1.5.2 is possibly amongst the best you would come across. The tool boasts of a set of cutting edge features that allow you to learn about downtimes, possible issues that can crop up, receive Skype notifications and visualize the complete network from one point.

While most network monitoring tools rely on a reactive approach, the Algorius Net Viewer 1.5.2 believes in preemptive action and it warns you about potential issues before they end up creating a situation. You can choose to receive the notifications via various channels including SMS and emails. With numerous scan options and support for a plethora of plug-ins, the application is quite apt in diagnosing issues and has options for both fragmented monitoring and central control as per your needs. Using its web based UI you can visualize the network right of your browser and receive real time diagnostic status. It also has an elaborate reporting feature and the reports can be exported to different formats too. The application sports a neat graphical representation of all devices on the network and in the right pane you get to various categories of devices that are connected. It accurately depicts virtual machines and PDA connected to the backbone and even has a graphical trace route option. Further it also allows you to search for a specific resource and run external commands.

Based on our experience in using the Algorius Net Viewer 1.5.2 application, we can safely recommend the tool on account of its excellent graphical network visualization and class leading performance, which also earns it a score of four rating points.

Publisher's description

Algorius Net Viewer - is a powerful and convenient tool for visualizing, managing, and monitoring of home and corporate computer networks.
Algorius Net Viewer will notify you immediately with a variety of methods if any network device, computer or server turns on/off or has any unforeseen error. It will also create a detailed report with exact information about what has happened and when. Thus you will be able to control the situation constantly and avoid serious consequences of computer network crash.
You can also check any aspect of operation of any service, server or PC: HTTP, FTP and other network services. Good-looking dynamic network map and user-friendly interface will make your work with this software ultimately clear, comfortable and efficient.
- Network Visualization;
- Different monitoring methods of devices and Web sites;
- Different notification methods;
- Allows to monitor over 100'000 devices;
- Automation of external commands execution;
- User-pleasant and easy to use interface;
- Vector and raster graphics;
- Visual trace route;
- Network port scanner;
- E-mail notification through secure channels with the attached network map image;
- No administrator rights required.
Algorius Net Viewer
Algorius Net Viewer
Version 1.5.2
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